Paul Barry


Performance & Memory Coach

"The formula for confidence, you ask? confidence = Skill + repetition + time"

- Paul Barry

"If I don't know my lines, I don't know what I'm doing." - Christopher Walken

This is true not only of actors, and yet only actors and truly confident professionals can command a room or appear comfortably on screen. 


For more than 20 years I taught acting for film and TV, first in Australia, then in Los Angeles where I moved in 2010.  Performance has always come easy to me and I guess you could say I've always had a fairly good memory and been pretty confident.


I began studying acting at the age of 12, went to the top drama school in the country and graduated only to start teaching there, then became obsessed with memory games as a party trick.


I taught beginners to award winners and to this day see acting students I taught walking red carpets around the world and gracing screens and awards ceremonies on a regular basis. 


Confidence is the key to success in any field. And a huge part of that for actors is being able to memorize their dialogue, deliver compelling speeches and delicately craft every nuance required to bring to life the character, but also allow an openness and improvisational quality that keeps them human. 


If you have that balance in your work as a business owner or entrepreneur then you will no doubt be reaping the rewards of inbuilt confidence as I have for much of my life.


If not, however, the skills of confidence, memory and even what I call 'gentle assertiveness' will stand you in good stead in your life generally, let alone in your career which it will entirely transform. 

Stephen Peacocke

Wanted, Hercules, Home & Away

"Paul’s approach to acting is direct, effective and completely doable.... It elevates material to a level that’s exciting to play and gives it an edge that is exciting to watch.”

Jose Pablo Cantillo

Taken, Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy

“Thank Paul! I love your class’ technique and found your course to be the perfect line memorization tune-up. Fun, engaging and an essential tool for every actor’s toolbox!”

Dichen Lachman

Animal Kingdom, Altered Carbon, Shameless

“Paul really made things clearer. As an actor I complicate things and working with him really articulated a process that helps me work effectively. He is great”

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